Positive Vibrations (Part 2): Why we feel happy when meet with new people

In Positive Vibrations (Part 1): we have seen that each of our thought has vibration. We are all affected by other’s vibrations and affect others by our vibrations.

In our daily life when we work with the same people over and over again and do the same things we have a sense of boredom. We forget to try new things that can make us happy. One of those things is to meet with new people. Why we feel happy and excited most of the time when meet with new people? Why there are so many articles that recommend that we should keep making new friends in life?

Actually when we meet someone for the first time, we are very positive about him. We can expect him as a person anything we like. We think he may be the one who thinks like me. We expect him to be like our self. Don’t we all want others to be like us? Yes we do. So we treat him very positively and positive vibration created.

Now look at the other side. The other person also excited about what kind of person we are. He expects us to be like him. So we both produce positive vibrations and feel happy with each other company. We accept each other the way we are.

Why things go wrong later and how to manage them:

As time pass and we know shortcoming of each other. There is human tendency to see negative in everyone. We see things that conflict with our thinking. Now what? We feel it’s our duty to change him, so rather than embracing whatever he is, we start criticizing them. And same happen from other side. Never do that. Everyone in this earth has his own thinking, his own ideas and his own decision. So respect his freedom to do so. If you cannot, stay away from him and find another but keep going.

Meeting with new people is always important. You can find someone who think like you and can support you in your decisions. You can find someone who shares the same hobby as you. You can have his/her company to get more fun. So keep going outside, keep looking at new places and embrace the new faces.

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