Detachment (Part 1): What is detachment?

You are having a difficult time. Nothing is happening as you expected. You are not able to see how to get out of it. Why it happen because we are so attached to the problems/situations that our mind stops working for the solution. Then a term comes “Detachment”.

What is detachment and how it helps?

Whenever we hear the term detachment, a thought comes to our mind that it means to stay away from everything and even everyone. So we fear that we will be lost our friends, family and other people around us. This is not true. Detachment does not mean you are not bothered about people. Going away from people simply means insensitiveness not detachment. Detachment means “detached observer” of the circumstances. Detachment means going away from the situation for some time that is hurting you. Then analyze the problem from distance. Look at it from other perspective. There may be opportunities for change in your life.

Detachment helps you to stay out of the painful situations, so that you can give your best at it. Sometimes when someone around you going with some crisis, if you are so attached to him you can feel the pain too. But do you think it makes him any better. If you really want to support him and help him, you need to give him courage. And you can only give if you don’t let their pain control you as well. If someone is fallen into water well, you should not jump inside to save him, right.

Detachment means we should not become the victim of the situation; rather we should take charge of it and go ahead for the best that we can do.

For another example, you are doing some job in a company. Few of your senior colleagues leave it suddenly. Now you have all the responsibility and people around you saying that there is no growth over here and you should leave it too. If you are too attached to these circumstances you would not be able be see other perspective. If you look at it from another perspective there may be opportunity to show your full capabilities. It may be your chance to go ahead in your career. You may need to work hard and get out of your comfort zone, but you always grow in that way.

No matter what is the problem, we always have capabilities to handle them. There is always more way to do things than we think. So from now on whenever things stuck, step away from it. See it from other perspective and follow the best approach.

Source: Inspired by BK Shivani – Self Management (Brahma Kumari’s)

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Deepak Rajpal

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