Invite Deepak Rajpal (Motivational Speaker & Author – India)

About Deepak Rajpal:

Deepak Rajpal is a software developer, writer, and motivational speaker based in Gurugram, India.

His interest in personal development and self-improvement is evident from the books he has read, including authors like Robin Sharma, Stephen R Covey, and Tony Robbins. This led him to become a writer and share his insights and knowledge through articles on the topics such as happinessmotivationspiritualityproductivity, and finance.

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He has written over a hundred articles since last few years. Most of his articles and thoughts are compiled from real-life examples and therefore, proves very productive.

Deepak has authored a book called “Frientors” which is available on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. His book offers valuable insights to readers about Career, Relationship and Happiness in Life.

He also has a YouTube channel where he creates videos on happiness, motivation, and finance, and is the founder of

Deepak Rajpal has diverse interests such as poetry, singing, and travelling.

Who can invite Deepak Rajpal?

Deepak Rajpal enjoys delivering motivational seminars and workshops for schools, colleges, and organizations. You can invite for a short session, speech, lecture or invite as a guest for an event. He loves to visit events, where he can add some value using his knowledge & wisdom.

Some of the topics that Deepak Rajpal can cover well is: Happiness, Relationships, Motivation, Inspiration, Productivity, Willpower, Spirituality, Self Improvement, Time Management, Personal Development, Life Skills, and Finance.

Invitation Acceptance is subject to availability and it is preferable to invite Deepak Rajpal on Saturday or Sunday due to his job commitments from Monday to Friday. Currently, Deepak lives in Gurgaon, so it is easily reachable for him to travel places near Delhi/NCR & Haryana.

There are no charges or fees for invitation. Please feel free to ask if any question.

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