Part 6: Top YouTube Channels & Websites for Financial Planning & Investment

In the age of social media, there is a lot of information available on Financial Planning and Investment. The content you consume significantly impacts your decision-making. Therefore, you should carefully choose whom to follow on social media and YouTube.

In this article, we will provide a list of the top YouTube channels and websites. These sources offer valuable information to help you to meet your financial goals.

Category #1: Top YouTube Channels for Financial Planning & Investment

Stock Market का Commando (SMkC)

Pranjal Kamra

Yadnya Investment Academy

Vivek Bajaj

Labour Law Advisor

CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

School of Intrinsic Compounding (SOIC)

Category #2: Others Good YouTube Channels for Financial Planning & Investment

Asset Yogi


Sahil Bhadviya

  • Channel:
  • Focus on: Stock market analysis & Long term investment
  • Covers: Stock’s Fundamental analysis | Sector Analysis | Mutual Funds
  • Good community posts about long term term investment mindset

Invest Aaj for Kal (Anant Ladha)

FinnovationZ by Prasad

WeekendInvesting (Alok Jain)

Sunil Minglani

Category #3: Others Popular Channels you can explore:

You can find few more popular channels here:

7 Dreams India Official
Value investing | Stock Analysis (Hindi)
Ajay Sharma has been part of leading global corporates“2By2” & “Good to great” analysis
Invest Mindset
Investment & Financial Freedom
B Wealthy
Mostly focused on Mutual Funds
Sandeep Maheshwari  
Good videos on Business & MoneyMiddle Class Trap

Here are some other popular channels which, I do not follow them a lot but you can have a look at.
Goela School of Finance LLP 
Stocks & Mutual Funds
Stock 4 Retail 
Stocks & Mutual Funds
Raghav’s Value Investing 
Focused on Small caps 
News & Discount broking channels
Finance With Sharan
Personal Finance
Stocks & Mutual Funds
Akshat Shrivastava 
Stocks & Mutual Funds
Pratik Chauhan Finance 
Stock market and investments
Entrepreneurship & Investment
Share Academy 
Live chart analysis
Listen to stories about the traders who lost their hard earned money

Top Websites for Financial Planning & Investment

Top 5 Websites to know about investment schemes and taxation:

These websites help in knowing investment schemes (such as EPF, PPF, SSY), their return calculator, rules & taxation, and tax slab.

Top 4 Websites for Stocks – Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamentals Analysis & Stock Screening
Key Features: Quick Ratio, Peer comparison, 3/5/10 Yr growth
Charts & Technical analysis
Key Features: Watchlist, Notes, Indicators, Historical charts
Fundamental Analysis
Key Features: Stock Rank | Key Metrics | Forecasts | ScorecardBest for Return calculator in between charts intervals
Fundamental Analysis
Key Features: Trendlyne DVM score | Checklist | Key Metrics | Shareholdings

Websites for Stocks – Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Google Finance
Financial | Chart | Watchlist | Global market | News
Quick tool to return & correction from chart
Technical analysis | Charts | Screener
Good tool to screen stocks based on historical data | Backtesting
Stock Analysis (Multiple tools, mostly premium)
Good for Quick News | Results calendar | Returns over time 
Global Market – Financial News
Good for global index tracking & Historical day wise returns 
Stock exchange websites
Stock market data & updates
Groww – Summary | News | MF Screener
ticker by Finology
Tools for Fundamental analysis
Tijori Finance
Tools for Stocks Research & Tracking
Value Research
Articles, Stocks & MFs based on Research
IIFL Securities – 
Research 360 – 
Yahoo Finance –

Websites for Finance & Stocks – News & Other updates

Websites for Initial Public Offering (IPOs) information

Latest IPO information & Stock Broker reviews
IPO Watch 
Latest IPO information & IPO GMP
Share Brokers reviews & IPO GMP

Important Points to Remember:

  • Do not blindly follow stocks and other recommendations. Do your own research before investing in any scheme or consult your Financial Advisor.
  • Evaluate authenticity & relevance before subscribing to any channel. As we have limited time, we should pick the best and skip the rest.
  • Start with Virtual Investment if you are a beginner. There are many tools available such as MoneyBhai by Moneycontrol, Google Finance Portfolio, and Trendlyne Portfolio
  • If your focus is on long term investment, then you should build that kind of mindset. And, it is only possible if we stay away from trading, short term targets, and quick rich schemes.

Top reference and resources:

Checkout some of the best resources available on the same topic.

We are not Sebi Registered. Investing and trading in stock market, future and options, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, involve substantial risk of loss. Any such discussion or information provided here is for educational purposes only and before making any investment decisions, please consult with a financial advisor.

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