Quotes & Thoughts on Happiness by BK Shivani

Happiness!! We are all looking for that. Let us give a thought about having an unlimited happiness in life.

It is not that we are never happy in life. We are happy at different times, however it does not last long. We are certain that from now onward, I will always be happy in life. Suddenly, new challenge or desire comes to achieve more and we struggle again.

Are you Always Happy?

Let me ask you, what one thing right now can make you happy. Some of us immediately start dreaming about getting something he desires. Some of us want to buy some electronics gadget, while someone may have thought about another object.

Attaching our happiness on these physical objects, is one of major reasons that our happiness is temporary. We buy things that are necessary, but most often we buy things because we desire them for happiness (even sometimes we do that only to show off).

Just remind yourself once about the recent purchases you have made. You desired something and got it. Yippee, you are happy. How long you maintained the level of happiness same as you had on day one. How long that product brings you happiness?

Often in a few days, we loose excitement and it just becomes one of the many things that we own. Now, mind will seek another object. Why? Because we have programmed our mind to depend on those gadgets or products for happiness and we always want to happy.

It is not that we need to stop buying those gadgets. However, we need to clear the purpose of buying. It is totally fine when it is required or useful for you.

Happiness is all internal. We can create it anytime and when we understand that our happiness can last forever without depending on the outside object or achievement.

Brahma Kumari’s Shivani Quotes & Thoughts on Happiness:

Today, we are compiling some of the thoughts and quotes by BK Shivani. Her TV series “Happiness Unlimited” with Suresh Oberoi covers various aspects about lasting happiness.

List of Quotes from Unlimited Happiness – Episode 1:

“Happiness is not dependent on physical objects.”

“Objects, possessions, gadgets are designed to give us comfort.”

“Happiness is our internal creation and can be created irrespective of external comforts.”

List of Quotes from Unlimited Happiness – Episode 2:

Other than materialistic things, we postpone our happiness for the destination. Education to Career, we set a goal and achieve it. We become happy and celebrate. Now, the question is: Were you happy all the way while working for that goal?

“Happiness is a state of being, created while working towards the goal, not a feeling to be experienced after achieving the goal.”

“Happiness is not based on achievement. It is not at the destination, it is on the journey”

“Before I take the responsibility of those around me, I need to take responsibility of my own thinking and feelings. When I am happy and take care of others, then they will be happy.”

“Happiness is a stable state of mind irrespective of situations, and hence happiness is our strength”

You can see a lot of people around you, are more happier than you, even if they have less than you. You can find many people struggling with challenges in life, but still managed to be happy.

You can also find people with full of resources and achievements, but still worrying about the next BIG thing. Which one is you? Which one you want to be? Let us just have a thought.

After all, we want to be Happy……….Always.

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