The Fear of Death

Life is too short. We never know which day could be our last day. Most of us live with the fear of death. Do you really think that worrying about death will keep us alive forever? So, should we fear of death? Let us see:

Our life stops for a while when we heard the sudden death of someone nearby. Suddenly the whole life of that person reflects in front of our eyes. We can easily see if that person lived his life fully or not. Many of us do not.

The death of someone reminds us that we will also going to face our death one day. The fear of death, affects millions of people worldwide. Many of us fears about death, even every day. We not only fears about our own death but also of our loved ones.

Do we really need to fear from death?

What we can do about the death? There is one thing you can do about death, Accept it. Spirituality taught us that we born, we die and we born again. We also heard that we go to heaven after we die. So, what is the use of fearing about it? What we should fear about is living. There is nice a quote from the IMDB top ranked movie, The Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

Die just Once:

What is death? It is just a part of life. If you keep worrying about your death, you are dying every day. Therefore, it is up to you. Do you want to die once or many times?

 “He who doesn’t fear death only dies once.”

Giovanni Falcone

We should always be positive about the life and death. Why do not think like an optimist. You never know there may be a better life after death.

Live before you Die:

The real question is not about dying. It is about living. Are you really living a life or just doing spending your time here on the earth?

We are going toward the end of our life day by day. The only thing we can do is to live fully before we die. We can prepare a beautiful death for us. What we generally do? We always keep procrastinating things on tomorrow. We keep delay working on our plans until we found it is too late.

Today is the only place you can live. Live in today. Worrying about the past will never make your tomorrow bright.

Fear of the Death of our loved ones:

We all feel sad and all very emotional, when our loved one dies. We even get depressed sometimes. I am not saying that this is wrong. It is like missing a part of our life. However, we should not lose our mind at-least. We should think from another perspective as well. This might be a new beginning for him/her.

We are not our body. We are all divine souls and these supreme souls never die. They just change their body as we change our clothes.

Recently, I watched an awesome Sci-Fi movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. In the first scene, Peter watching his mother is dying. Meredith Quill, His mother calls him: Peter, take my hand. But, he did not go to her. There was the fear of death, of his mother inside of peter. He was not ready to accept it. She died with a letter left for her son. In the climax, Peter reads the letter:

“Dear Peter: I know this will be hard for you, but I’m going somewhere good and nice. But know this: I will always be with you, my angel from heaven, my prince… my Star-Lord.”

What a wonderful line these are. We should always remember that they are going to the better place and we also will. If they were watching us from the sky, they would never like to see us crying. They would always be with us, inside of us. So, never ever have fear of death. Celebrate life while you alive.

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal is an accomplished software developer, writer, and a motivational speaker. He has authored several articles, poetry, and a book called Frientors. He is also the founder of , where he shares technical knowledge with others. With a YouTube channel, Deepak creates videos that inspire and educate people on various topics related to personal development, happiness, and finance.