Laughter is the Best Medicine

One of the best feelings in this world is to laugh from the heart.

Carolyn Birmingham said it right, “A smile starts on the lips, A grin spreads to the eyes, A chuckle comes from the belly; But a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, Overflows, and bubbles all around.”

Laughter is good for body, mind and soul. Research shows that laughter does improve our health. In fact, you cannot feel stressed or sad when we are laughing.

When was the last time you Laugh Out Loud?

When we were a kid, we used to laugh whole day. As we grow, we forget it. We think that laughing is only for kids. No, it is not only for kids. It is for everyone who is alive.

“An optimist laughs to forget; a pessimist forgets to laugh.”

Tom Nansbury

How to laugh from the Heart:

Do you remember any of your friends who laugh from the heart?

When I think about laughter, it reminds me one of my friends, “Sumee”. She knows how to laugh from the heart.

There is a proverb, “Dance like no one is watching you.” She believes, “Laugh like no one is watching you”. When she laughs, she simply forgets everything else and just enjoys the moments at her best. I have always seen her laughing a lot at the jokes. Once I asked her, “How she is able to laugh a lot?”

Sumee said, “Whenever I hear a joke or hear something funny, my mind creates an instant image for that. I can imagine and live that situation. That is how I involve with the situation and it made me burst into laugh automatically. ”

She was able to find humour everywhere. She can create a virtual funny world around her any time. She can laugh anytime. It makes people happy around her as well.

“A well-balanced person is one who finds both sides of an issue laughable.”

Herbert Procknow

Almost everyone has at least one friend in their friend circle, who laughs more and makes others laugh as well. Appreciate him for spreading the happiness.

Why Laughter is the best medicine:

We should try to find more moments to laugh. It is best yet cheap medicine. I am not a doctor, but I can easily remember some of the well-known facts that why laughter is the best medicine:

  • If you laugh more, you feel a sense of wellness. Laughter keeps you away from the stress and anxiety.
  • Laughing lowers blood pressure.
  • Laughter reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  • Laughter boosts the immune system. Doctors always said that a person with a positive set of attitude always laughs more and have fewer diseases in his lifetime.

So laugh more and live longer.

How to Laugh more:

If you want to enjoy your life truly, do not find logic in everything that happens. Boost your imagination like my friend to enjoy more in life. Always try to find more moments to laugh. Dr. Seuss said, “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere”. Let us see, how we can laugh more:

  1. Plan a get together with old friends whenever possible. Celebrate little victories with friends. Plan a comedy movie or plan a trip. You already know when you meet them you laugh more.
  2. Get a Pet if you like. They often do funny things. You can laugh more with them.
  3. Spend time with playful people around you.
  4. Try to find humour in every situation of life. If you cannot, think about your funniest friend. How he will be able to deal with the situation. Even thinking of him can make you laugh. Once you laugh, no problem seems too big.
  5. Play with kids around you. Be one of them. I believe there is no use of grow up, if you are not a child sometimes.

“If you don’t learn to laugh at trouble, you won’t have anything to laugh at when you’re old.”

Edgar Watson Howe

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Deepak Rajpal

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