Stop Judging and Criticizing People

How do you feel when people judge you? Bad, right!! Then stop judging and criticizing people all the times for whatever they are.

We all have a habit to experience the things from our prospective first. We think if we did not like something, it is wrong. We always have plenty of suggestions for others about how to do it well. And if they are not doing it in our way, we criticize them.

Now you are thinking that everyone else is doing that, but you are not one of them. Ok. Answer me some questions:

  1. What kind of thoughts you encounter when wake up in the morning. Are you blaming someone else because you did not wake up early again?
  2. Are you happy with the morning breakfast that served to you by your family member?
  3. Are you again late in office and you think it is all because of traffic.
  4. Are you gossip about the celebrities/colleagues in your lunch time and most of the time complaining what they are doing?
  5. Do you think that most of the colleagues do not have sense of what to wear and how to talk?

These are merely a few things that are very common in most of us. We do not realize but we burn our happiness by judging others. We do not realize that most of our gossip consists of negative thoughts about others.

We feel terrible when someone judge us because we did it in our own way. Even if we did something wrong we justify it by giving the excuse of our circumstances. Think others as the same way. Everyone has circumstances. Everyone is doing something because he thinks it is right as per his circumstances. Stop making judgements.

Stop Judging and Criticizing People:

Everyone is Unique. The beauty of this planet is that everyone is different. Embrace the differences. Do not try to make everyone like you. Everyone got one life and he should live it in his own way. So stop making judgement every time you see something that you do not like. Stop criticizing them because they are not doing as you want.

Even if we know that he is not going to listen what we say about them, we keep doing it. We are always ready to give suggestion that even we cannot follow.

“A smart person knows what to say a wise person knows whether or not to say it”

Accept the things as it is, not as it should be:

Everything that someone is doing, doing it for a reason. In your perspective there could be better way to do it. But in some other circumstances there could be no other option. Yeah! I know It is almost impossible to think about others but take care when negativity taking space in your mind. Off-course it is not easy and need practise. Meditation is one of the best practise to taking control of your thoughts.

Do not always compete:

Life is not a competition. Do not see everyone as your competitors. If you are doing so, you are destroying your happiness every day. Whenever you see someone has something that you do not, your ego come up to you. You will start finding faults in him. You will start criticizing to justify it. Remember: Not everyone has everything but everyone has something. Appreciate what you have.

Love others unconditionally and be happy:

If someone is your friends just because he does things the way you like, then remember: your friendship is conditional. One day when he start doing what he likes but you do not, you will start judging him and you will be saying that he has changed. This is true for any relationship. If you think he is actually doing something wrong and you can make a difference then use constructive criticism. Otherwise accept the things as they are. Love others unconditionally and be happy.

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal is an accomplished software developer, writer, and a motivational speaker. He has authored several articles, poetry, and a book called Frientors. He is also the founder of , where he shares technical knowledge with others. With a YouTube channel, Deepak creates videos that inspire and educate people on various topics related to personal development, happiness, and finance.