Meditation: a Way to connect with God

Meditation improves our physical as well as mental health. It increases our focus, ensures peace of mind and makes you creative.

There are endless benefits of meditation. Beside these benefits, it is a powerful way to connect with God. Today, we will see how meditation works for us as a bridge to make a connection with god.

Why we need to connect with God:

Even if today science has reached moon, we do not have all the answers. We can see astonishing developments and incredible machines all around us. Modern technology has simplified our life so much. Still we feel emptiness inside.

Who can fill that emptiness?

Indeed, our family, friends and colleagues make our life vibrant. Still we feel the lack of satisfaction at different times in life. There is an ultimate satisfaction, when we connect with God. He is the supreme power. Even when nothing works for us, his blessings work.

Many times in life, we face questions that nobody seems to know answers. Everyone has different perspective but nobody seems convincing. Few questions can only be answered by God.

If we get connect with divine power, He can show us right direction. For that, it is important to make a personal relationship with God, so that you can talk to Him directly.

What do you think about the different methods to make a connection with God?

Different ways to connect with God:

We follow different paths to connect with God. We visit to holy places. We do traditional prayers. We chant mantras. We follow certain ritual such as offering water to sun and many more.

Different people believe in different ways. What we need to check is how effective our way is. What is the use of doing prayer if you do not feel connected to God? Most of these spiritual practices have become a part of our life but we are missing spirit in them.

Most of the traditional methods works as a one sided communication. Often, we are begging God for the things but do not even try to hear his answers. A strong connection requires two-sided communication.

“For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.”

Saint Teresa of Avila

We ask God to get us our destination. We all want ready-made things from God. We need to understand that God can show us path and we have to walk that path. Therefore, instead of destination, ask for direction.

How beautiful it is, if you can have a conversation with God. Yes, you can talk to god. Rather than simply repeat the same mantra/prayer every day, talk to him. He can answer all of your questions.

For that, you have to make a relationship with God. What kind of relationship you want to make is totally your choice.

Meditation: A Way to Connect with God:

Mediation is one of the best ways to connect with God.

“Spiritual meditation is the pathway to Divinity. It is a mystic ladder which reaches from earth to heaven, from error to Truth, from pain to peace.”

James Allen

By Mediation, you can make a personal relationship with God. In any relationships what do you do? You must have something to share. You have some questions to ask. Even, you might just want to say Hello. You can prepare your talk in your way.

There is no need to complicate the things. Here are simple steps you can follow to connect with God:

  1. Find a quiet place.
  2. Close your eyes if you want.
  3. You will feel the mixture of thoughts running in your mind. Your mind is still thinking about your daily activities. Your focus is still on what is going around you.
  4. Accept as it is. Just relax and keep calm inside. Ask each of your thought to go away for a while. Believe me they can listen to you.
  5. Now, you are ready to have a conversation with God.
  6. See him as a point of light in front of you. See him as your father or friend. Picture him in any way you can most connect.
  7. Now talk to him. Share what you got. Ask what you want.
  8. Listen to him with spirit and you will get all the answers. You will find him answering some of the questions immediately. Some of your questions will find answers via another source while working throughout the day.
  9. Ask him to give you power if you are feeling weak to cope up with things.
  10. Imagine rays of light coming into you. You will feel powerful and strong.
  11. Say thanks to God and open your eyes. You can feel the divinity.

Experiment yourself and see the difference. As Swami Sivananda said, “Meditation is painful in the beginning but it bestows immortal Bliss and supreme joy in the end.”

Building a Strong Relationship with God:

Initially, it may take time to get connect. It is about how much faith you have in God. You can alter the above approach in your way.

Once a connection is established, your relationship will get stronger with the time.

Once you have strong and close relationship, you even do not need to sit idle to connect to God. You can talk to him anytime anywhere. You can talk to him in the bus, train or crowded places. Believe and see miracles happen.

“Befriend with God. He can be your best companion.”

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal is an accomplished software developer, writer, and a motivational speaker. He has authored several articles, poetry, and a book called Frientors. He is also the founder of , where he shares technical knowledge with others. With a YouTube channel, Deepak creates videos that inspire and educate people on various topics related to personal development, happiness, and finance.