Comparison is the thief of joy

In our life, we all try to get better every day. We all set dreams in our life. It may be getting a good salary package, getting into higher position, extending our business, or something else. To win the life race, we work hard and with the time we finally accomplish it. We become happy and celebrate it. It is all right and it should be in that way.

But our happiness last for very short time when we start comparing the things with others. Because:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Theodore Roosevelt

How Comparison eat away Happiness:

We all want to get ahead among friends, colleagues, and even among family. If today you are happy just because you have more than others then be ready to lose your happiness because it will start vanishing when you see someone else having more than you.

You spent months or may be even years to get where you are. But it will only take a few days to end your feeling of joy if it based on what others have.

Do not compare with others:

If you want to truly enjoy what you have achieved, Never ever compare it with others. There will always some ahead of you and some behind you.

Actually you can never compare yourself with other. You may know yourself completely. You may be aware of what you have and how you got that. But you can never know what circumstances someone else has and how he got that. You can compare one factor but you never even know other factors. What you see is not always the whole thing.

“Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what they have been through.”


Do you think that someone is behind you just because he is not earning as much as you. No, he may be living his life better than you. He could be happier than you. So, what is the use of earning more, if you are not living your life well? You may be good at one thing while other may be good at some other thing.

Respect every one for what he is and love yourself for whatever you are.

Compare with yourself

If you still want to compare, Compare with yourself. Think what you have done better today than you did yesterday. Keep yourself growing and celebrate your victories without comparing them to anyone else. It is good to get inspired from someone you think is better than you. But do not get caught by comparison.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Margaret Mead

Find your qualities, Develop it. Pursue your hobbies, Enjoy it. Do not compare and feel the joy inside you all the time.

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal is an accomplished software developer, writer, and a motivational speaker. He has authored several articles, poetry, and a book called Frientors. He is also the founder of , where he shares technical knowledge with others. With a YouTube channel, Deepak creates videos that inspire and educate people on various topics related to personal development, happiness, and finance.